Saturday, August 13, 2011


I like Saturday mornings. I go to my desk and tell myself I get to do whatever I want. Today, whatever I want happened to be the FAFSA for Rand to get back to school. We just found out this week after he had been saving to pay for a class that Financial Aid Probation didn't mean what we thought it did a couple years ago. So now he is eligible. He is going to only take two classes this term though and get his feet wet before he tackles more. I think going slowly is his best bet.

Meanwhile, he found out yesterday that he was hired for a permanent position at Lowes. He had been working in a Seasonal position and his hours were getting cut more and more. But he now applied for and got what appears to be a full time and permanent job and he actually enjoys it.

He is very frugal, seldom spending anything and saving everything. He pays us a third of his income for rent and then he does a few chores in exchange for room and board. His next steps are to finish school while working and saving money for a vehicle. Once he graduates from college we will transition him into his own place if that is his desire. I'm in no hurry now to do so -- if we have 7 kids at home, who cares if we have 8 and he is nearly always helpful and causes little trouble, always obeying the rules.

He will turn 23 this week. Maybe his exit out of our home isn't as speedy as some kids is, but he is doing well... and considering the challenges he has faced his whole life, he's doing VERY well....

Now I'm heading for a less pleasant experience of trying to get Dominyk to get his room cleaned up.... FAFSA, though annoying, was a dream job compared to that!

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waldenbunch said...

I think this is a great accomplishment for Rand and for you guys as parents. Slow and steady will still win the race.