Monday, August 01, 2011

Spooning and Farting

Please do not read this if you don't want to. The title should warn you.

I sent the good part of 2 full days in the car with 4 or 5 boys ages 12-19. They passed a lot of gas. A ton. And every time one of them did, the others were forced to breath in deeply to detect how smelly it was and then to give their comments, along with many many giggles. On Saturday night, after a full day of this, we all got settled in to bed. Three completely quiet moments passed when suddenly, the boy's mother said, "uh oh" very quietly and then was able to produce the LOUDEST one of the day. Yes, I just wrote that. No, you don't have to tell Bart because he doesn't read my blog any more and so he won't ever find out if you don't tell them.

I also had the privilege of sleeping with Wilson in what he called a "2 star" bed. (We use priceline and in big cities Bart gets us great deals in 4 star hotels. In smaller towns you can't. Did I already tell you this? Anyway, 2 star hotels, according to Wilson, have 2 star beds.)

The 2 star bed tended to sink in the middle and Wilson reported that his choice was to slip into the middle and actually let his 70 pound body touch mine or hang on to dear life to the edge of the bed. He's 12 and a half now and so touching me is never something he wants to do. So I particularly enjoyed my night of cuddling. Bart says I shouldn't call it spooning -- so don't tell him I said that either, OK?

Anyway, we survived the weekend, I got to cuddle with the cutest 12 year old in the world, and I lived to tell about it!

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