Monday, October 31, 2011

Boo Humbug!

Robyn had asked if I could comment on Halloween and usually I like to please my readers, but let me just say this.




I see no purpose in it. I find it annnoying. I hate the disruption in schedule. I hate the expectation for parents -- to be all into it and cheery and happy and cooperative and supportive of something that has. no. purpose.

ANd really? Should I feel guilty for hating a holiday like Halloween?


HollyMag said...

NO!!! I agree with you, I HATE Halloween! Which reminds me it's about time to close the door and turn off all the lights!

Marge said...

Holiday? Halloween is not a holiday! And I'm sick of clerks in stores or waitresses in coffee shops, or people on the street saying "have a happy holiday." Christmas is a holiday. Easter is a holiday. Thanksgiving, too. But halloween? Nope. Not.

I. Also. Hate. Halloween.

Thank goodness no kids came to my door!

Suzy said...

I hate paying vast sums for candy I could eat myself. Maybe next year I'll put out a sign advising the hooligans to get a job and buy their own candy.

I do like dressing up - but I am dreading teaching today to a bunch of over-tired, post sugar high, kids.

robyncalgary said...

Lol! Ok then! :)

Susan said...

I hate it too!