Monday, October 03, 2011

Everyone's Dragging this Morning

ON Saturday night four of our kids did an all night fund raiser to support teen homeless shelters. They built a "tent city" and then slept in cardboard boxes. This was the night after their high school homecoming... so they were TIRED. Last night a couple of them had reached the end of their endurance and it was not a pretty site. So this morning they are dragging and tired.

Still no word from Salinda though she did text Sadie about 5 last night asking, "Do you think Mom will still come get me" to which Sadie replied, "I don't know, text her." But she didn't.

I'm still dragging too. I sleep long and hard but wake up as tired as when I went to bed. Bart is tired of hearing me say how tired I am so I thought maybe I'd just tell you once again.

Today is clean my office day here at home -- to be followed by clean my office day at the office tomorrow. Jimmy is a great help with this project and there is a bit of hope that he actually may finally be starting a job soon, so I better get it done before he's off doing his own thing and not here to help me!

Dominyk may be playing his first football game tonight so I really need to get that camera lens replaced and now I've waited to long to get one online. Ugh.

Maybe Bart was right -- this blog kind of is like barf on a page sometimes.

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robyncalgary said...

i like your page barf :)