Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh Holy NIght

Today there is no school, which used to mean a horrible day for us, but now just means a lot of teenagers either working, lying around, or off with friends. It also means I get to sleep in, something rare now that Bart has started going to bed way too early (in his mind) when I am tired and getting up at 5 or 5:15 to head off to work. That means that I have to do the early morning driving which starts at 7. But today, I was going to sleep in...

So this morning, my sleeping in was only interrupted by one trip at 7 and then I went back to bed. But somehow -- he has no idea how and neither do I -- Bart's computer suddenly started playing "Oh Holy Night" at full volume at 8:15. Guess it was time for me to get up! 8:15 is almost unheard of but so is the exhaustion I've felt the past few weeks. I certainly hope that the doctors can figure it out.

I have had a hard couple days. I'm feeling invisible, unnecessary and though I am contributing to the problems of my kids. I'm usually way more resilient than this and it's bugging me.

Guess I'll just keep going. I'm sure at some point things will turn around.


DynamicDuo said...

I posted this earlier - but maybe a trip in to check your INR might be in order...?

Claudia said...

Getting the A Fib checked out on Tuesday. Hopefully they will be able to figure it out. The INR is fine I'm sure.