Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turning Things Around

I was still in a slump all day yesterday, though I was keeping most of my opinions to myself and wasn't as edgy. I still wasn't feeling great about my life but it was getting better.

And then my husband spoke at the ecumenical Thanksgiving service after some great praise and worship music. He told the congregation made up of Lutherans, Catholics, Methodists and Covenants (Is that what they are called? :-) about this Thanksgiving in 2005. The picture of the event and the results are here.

The story brought tears to my eyes because the kids rose to the occasion. It made me realize that my kids are able to pick up some of our values and express them.

Right now there are several who are on board with helping get the house ready for Kyle and Christy and anyone else who shows up for our Thankgsiving dinner tomorrow.

I'm having to let go of some of my resentment that there are kids who will not help at all and rejoicing that so many will.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kari said...

Thanks for the link back to that story. Now I'm crying.

Claudia said...

You and me crying about the same thing. Scary?