Wednesday, February 08, 2012

One Thought Blogging

Have you ever been to one of those well organized blogs that are intentional and promote the author as a writer or speaker? Have you noticed that they often have one thought in each blog post? Nice, neat, and organized?

I have a few posts like that, but most of my stuff is a hodge podge of what is happening here... the daily drama ... of funny stories, pictures, family events, and an occasional really good post with one topic stuck in the mix.

Today I was trying to figure out one thought to blog on and I couldn't choose one. Too many thoughts I suppose -- or just not the ability to select which was most important. So maybe that means this will be a "no thought" blog post.

I learned about the possibility of another already born grandchild out there ... if you are a close follower of my blog and really care whose it is you can email me and I'll tell you. It's all becoming kind of a blur to me these days.

I think I will mention my philosophy on comments. I try to avoid the sensationalism of beginning an argument. Stirring up things is actually a recommendation by some "how to blog" trainers, but I don't need more controversy in my life. I will post nearly every comment, but I don't always comment back, especially if I am in complete disagreement with a comment or part of a comment. I figure if you guys want to fight it out about an issue in comments, that is fine, but that isn't the nature of the blog and usually you guys just let it go too.

Originally this week I was scheduled to go to Toledo for the whole week but we didn't get tickets in time and the prices went up so I'm not going until Monday. This worked out actually very well because I had nothing on my schedule this week adn I'm having a chance to catch up. It feels good to have full days where I can plug away at the things on my desk... and this is the third day I get to do that. Tonight and tomorrow I have some meetings, but all day today I can spend at my desk and maybe by the end of the third day it will be cleaned off.

Time to wake up the kids. Another no-thought blog post. ;-)


GB's Mom said...

{{{Hugs}}} I can't imagine how hard it must be to find out about a grandbaby you didn't know about.

Emma said...

First of all, I LOVE the way you blog. You blog like I think. Also, I agree with GB's Mom - cyber hug.

Tracy said...

You blog real life Claudia. Real life is messy, complicated and multifaceted. This is all the more true for those of us dealing with difficult situations. I love that you are "real". You don't try to paint adoption as only a rosy picture with a fairy tale ending. It gives the rest of us who are struggling the okay to be struggling too. Too often the "church" expects us to be living a fairy tale and in many instances it's hard to get the support and understanding we need or even the validation from others that it's okay that it's not all falling into place like every one thinks it should.

We have a new grand-daughter on the way in April. Our first grandson lived with us for his first year about 2/3 of the time. At first our son totally claimed him and accepted him but once he met a new girl and began seeing his own bio-mom again, he decided that he was NOT the father after all. They are mirror images but until they get a paternity test done he won't accept the little guy as his. He has taken no responsibility what so ever at his bio-mom's urging. :(

DynamicDuo said...

one thought at a time? I've never known that, because isn't it natural to have one thought lead to another and then another...
If you find you are a grandma again, I hope you can connect with the child and mom, you blossom under the care of your grandkids! ;0)