Sunday, July 21, 2013

On the list of my top ten pet peeves....

I know that when you read this your first response might be "Then do something about it." But if you know ODD well, you know it's not worth the effort.

After saying that let me say this because I can't put it on Facebook because it will just start an argument. But for the last 5 years one of the top most annoying things in my life has been unemployed adults sitting in my house watching Tru TV while I try to work. To me, it just about sums up the life of a loser in a small snapshot of their day.

If you are a fan of Tru TV I apologize, but when there are more words bleeped out than there are words spoken, that's a warning sign of something that does not indicate a high level of intelligence.

When I was in Mankato I just left the house and went somewhere else to work when that was happening. But here I do have a job. Except that today is Sunday and I was trying to do some digital scrapbooking but only got one page done above and I have to stop. I don't have an office so I am stuck at the computer in the family room with Tru TV calling me a witch with a b every three words and listening to bleeps and to top it all of and make my blood boil the room is filthy and the person watching the TV is supposed to have cleaned it.

I know you're saying that you'd put a stop to this if you were me. I wish you'd come over and do it. :-)

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