Friday, August 19, 2016

All things New?

I am a person who is always full of hope. Well maybe not always always, but most of the time. And it can be fairly annoying to have me around if you are planning on being depressed forever. But sometimes even I get tired because life seems to be so cyclical.

I heard the words "Go makes all things new" and I think to myself, "Yeah, I've heard that one before and things just got worse." In fact, Bart always says, "Show me the data." And I remind him of Romans 8:24 that says, "Hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has?"

So I got to to thinking today, that maybe the point of God’s promise to make all things new isn’t just a one time event. What if God makes things new over and over and over again? Look at nature. Look at seasons. Grass is green and everything is lucious and trees have leaves and then autumn comes and then winter and then…. grass isn’t all that green and the leaves fall off the trees. But we never doubt the fact that spring will come and God WILL make everything new. The grass will turn green again, and the leaves will grow back not the trees, and it will get warmer.

Because God doesn’t just make things new once. In fact, in our lives sometimes He has to make things new very often. If you have raised children you know that every day needs to be a new day for some kids. This might be why he promises that His mercies are new every morning.

And so I ask you to believe with me again that me moving into the role I was hired for (Chief Program Officer) and hiring a new Director for Residential Care will be a time when God makes things new. Hopefully it will have a benefit on the whole organization as I will be free to provide more support to Safe Families and HFT and be a better part of the entire PHFS team.

So as I'm completing this dark cold season of turmoil and strife, I am filled with hope that spring is here again…. and that once again God will make all things new.

So I invite you to believe that with me. One more time trust people and invest in them — even though in the past you have done so and they have betrayed you or quit and left. One more time believe that the enemy will be conquered even if there have been times when it seems like he has been winning. One more time believe in yourself and the fact that God not only has the power to make all things new — He has the power to make you and I new as well.

Now is definitely not the time to give up. Trust me on this one :-)

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AnnMarie said...

Hiring MB? Changing jobs? I don't think you told us about that!