Saturday, April 17, 2021


 So here's my brain dump for a Saturday morning.

Since I don't write emails to my staff with devotionals on weekends, and since I don't typically link these weekends posts to Facebook, these are posts that are similar to what I used to post 10 or 15 years ago.

But I'm not feeling too whiny today, so that might be good :-)

I'm still door dashing and learning a lot from the experience.   I like doing it because it puts me into a different category than I am usually in.  People often look at me like they feel sorry for me -- because I'm old and fat and the stairs take a long time.   I am not often in a position where people pity me.  I keep it as my secret that this isn't my only job -- because it's good for me to not feel important or significant sometimes.  Typically I just get the boys to do the running, but when I do it myself and Bart drives, it's a good exercise for me.

It also is taking us to parts of town where we have never been before and it makes me very well aware of the needs of people around me.  It also makes me feel very very grateful.   

For example, CVS now has this thing where you actually go in and shop for people and then deliver with door dash.  So I delivered baby bottles and a nose syringe (that thing you use to suck out boogers) and a pregnancy kit to section eight housing and when I met the girl she was very nice to me.  But my heart went out to her and I kind of hoped she wasn't pregnant again already.  Life is so hard for a lot of people.

It also gives Bart and I time to talk without the distractions of the other kids or grandkids or other temptations in the house.  So I'm enjoying spending time with him.  And our adventures give us stuff to think and talk about as we get to know our city better.   It's like the Amazing Race except you get paid and you don't have to scale high mountains.

I am also trying to decide how to spend my PTO.  I've been short tempered at work lately, and realizing it's probably because I should use some of those 6 weeks of PTO that I have accumulated.  I have taken about 3 or 4 days so far this year and it's almost May.  So I took of yesterday and I am taking off Monday and Tuesday, except I have a few work meetings I can't miss, so I'm not totally taking it off.

We are taking two weeks to go to Minnesota in June to see Sadie's new baby girl (going to be born in May) and to attend the wedding of Rand and Amanda who have been married for a year.  I know, I know, the complexities of COVID-19.

We are also contemplating a trip to Utah in the fall and possibly another trip somewhere else this summer. It's our 25th Anniversary and we were saving for a cruise but that doesn't seem to be on the horizon any time soon.

Our friends Mike and Kari are on their way to Virginia and we are having lunch with hem in an hour.  Pretty excited about that.

And then Jimmy wants to door dash.  He's the most fun of the kids to go with because he doesn't argue or tell me how to drive.

That's all for today!

Friday, April 16, 2021

PTO :-). or :-(

 I confess that I am not good at taking time off.  First of all, I absolutely love what I do.  So that makes it hard to walk away from my work.

Also, I do not have any thing I would rather do.  So I have to force myself to find things that I can do to get the mental break and often I'm at a loss.

My boss has intervened and insisted I take more PTO so I am taking of a few days.  

I'll get started once I get caught up on my email.  :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Blessed Be (and what I did last night)

Several years ago … more than ten now — I was blessed to attend a family camp for children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.   We have several kids who have this and it is really a hard, hard thing.   For no fault of their own, these people’s brains were messed up by alcohol before they were even born.   

At that camp, Jason Grey entertained us.  He’s a Minnesotan and this was before he hit the big time.  He impressed me so much with the way he handled the kids and how much the songs he shared that night were so appropriate for those kids and us as their parents.

Last night my awesome friend Kari posted the link to one of his songs on Facebook.   I read it after my family and I had just worked together to entertain a family of five who now live in James Crossing that I met through CarePortal.  She is 21, he just turned 18, and they have two babies together, one is 11 months and one is 2 weeks old.  She also has a daughter who just turned 7 that she had back when she was 14 and legally free for adopted…. except that nobody adopted her.   

We met last May through Care Portal and since then we have been through many ups and downs.  She’s been in and out of jail.  She has been in and out of the hospital.   Their relationship has been up and down.  But over time we have been there for them …. not every day ore even every week… but when they need us.   So yesterday my daughter went shopping to buy a gift for that beautiful little 7 year old.   Her car was the only one big enough for everyone, so she drove down to Greenfield Drive to pick them up.   My sons Dominyk and Wilson helped to clean the house…. and we ordered chicken from Moore’s Country Store because our son Jimmy is the cook there and he wanted to be part of things.   Our granddaughter Gabby set the table and cut the strawberries.     We had the dinner that she requested — fried chicken, homemade mac and cheese, green beans, rolls and strawberry shortcake.   And the night was complete with a JoJo Siwa outfit, complete with lots of shiny stuff on the skirt.

Tying this all back together, when I heard the song it made me remember something that my friend Patrick mentions.  God lives with the broken.   We had a great night…. I held a two week old baby.  I got to watch my kids and grandkids caring for others.  And I recognized that Jesus was at the table with us in so many ways.

The song is taken from the beatitudes in Matthew 5.   it’s so interesting to see who Jesus says are blessed.

The poor in spirit.
Those who mourn.
The weak.
The hungry and thirsty.

Wow.   The broken are the blessed.  The Losers.

Here are the lyrics to that song:

All the lovely losers
Never thought you'd hear your name
Always on the outside
Empty at the wishing well
But time will tell
Blessed Be
The ones who know that they are weak
They shall see
The kingdom come to the broken ones
Blessed be
Like you're drinking from a salt sea
But one day you'll be satisfied
For the taste of mercy
Aching just to have your fill
One day you will
Not for the strong, beautiful the brave
Not for the ones who think they've got it made
It's for the poor, broken and meek
It's for the ones who look a lot like you and me

Blessed Be
All the lovely losers

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

I almost forgot to blog today

Very very seldom do I forget a staff devotional -- I did today.   It's been a very very busy day.

But let me tell you this....   it's been a day.

I left my car door open when I came into work and a coworker did this with the picture and sent it to everyone on staff.

It's been a day.


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

God's Still Good and He's Still Got it All In Control.

It’s #WAYTOOBUSYTuesday complete with 7 hours of pure undefiled budget crunching joy.

(OK, so we might get done early but that’s what’s on my calendar for today).

Listen to this great song.  Heard it for the first time this morning.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Peace be with You

 What kind of weekend did you have?

I hope it was relaxing…. restarting…. regenerative…. pleasant.

If it wasn’t, these thoughts may be just what you need.  And if it was, i’m sure you can relate to those whose weekend was anything but those things.  Because all of us have times when things just aren’t great.

Take the disciples for instance.

They had quite the weekend.   Friday they watched the man they had been following around for years, devoting their lives to, killed at the hand of his enemies.  They spent Saturday in shock, trying to figure out what to do.  Sunday morning some of them said they had been told he was no longer dead, and that was just weird.

That night they are in their favorite hangout and Jesus shows up.   Knowing what they had been through that weekend, what were his first words to them.

Peace be with you.


That was his first word.

And so regardless of what is happening in your world today, this is my first word to you.


a couple songs that are worth the listen if your weekend was less than peaceful — externally or internally.

(Note:   As is typical on Mondays, these thoughts were brought to you via a great sermon I heard yesterday :-)

Sunday, April 11, 2021

the only one

I almost posted this on Facebook but it kinda makes me sound needy and like I’m begging for sympathy but I’m not. 

But I am weary of the role of being one of two people  in the world who will still love our kids no matter what happens because when they are angry I get the brunt of it.  

So .... if my only role is to be that person then I guess I’ll play it but it isn't fun.