Thursday, September 16, 2021

What Now?

Steven Curtis Chapman (SC squared) wrote the soundtrack of my life, something I share with Jason Weber who was one of the MCs for the general session of the CAFO (Christian Alliance for Orphans) summit.   I can remember so many of his songs that became a huge part of me and what I was going to.  He is only a year older than I am, and he started his Christian music career very young, so he has been with me through the ups and downs of all kinds of seasons.

"My Redeemer is Faithful and True" held me up when the first guy I ever fell in love with decided not to marry me (and you can imagine, with my personality, that I was fairly intense about that marriage happening).\

"His Strength is Perfect” was a theme when I headed to take the position formerly known as “Vice President for Student Development” at the ripe old age of 25.

“For the Sake of the Call” was on repeat in my head as I contemplated walking away from my favorite job to enter the mission field four years later.

“The Great Adventure” and that whole cassette tape accompanied me to my years in Mexico.

“Burn the Ships” was playing in the background as I decided to marry a man who had decided to leave the Wesleyan Church to become a United Methodist Pastor… 

“When Love Takes You in” was so significant as we went to Guatemala twice to adopt two boys from an orphanage (In fact, that album was released literally 4 days before we left to pick up our son Jimmy)

“All I Really Want for Christmas” was a song that motivated and inspired me through many years of recruiting adoptive families for older children.

“Cinderella” was a constant backdrop to watching our two daughters grow up.

“Every Little Things You Do” was a constant reminder that providing 17 rides a day to 9 teenagers really was something that pleased God.

“The Glorious Unfolding” became real to me as I entered my second year at a hard job with Bethany that I really loved l… but had no idea where it was leading me.

And I certainly needed to hear “More Than Conquerors” during 2016 — my first and hardest year at PHFS.

And last night again it happened.  He sang a new song that I hadn’t heard yet -- the perfect song for this season in my life… a season where my free time is spent meeting CarePortal needs.  I have become aware of this whole concept so completely through CarePortal.   Jesus is all around us waiting for us to find him and asking “What now?”

We can KNOW Jesus by meeting the needs of those around us.

Here are the lyrics.

I saw the face of Jesus 
In a little orphan girl 
She was standing in the corner 
On the other side of the world 

And I heard the voice of Jesus 
Gently whisper to my heart 
Didn't you say you wanted to find Me 
Well, here I am, here you are 

So what now 
What will you do now that you've found Me? 
What now 
What will you do with this treasure you've found 

I know I may not look like what you expected 
But if you'll remember 
This is right where I said I would be 
You found me, what now? 

And I saw the face of Jesus 
Down on Sixteenth Avenue 
He was sleeping in an old car 
While his mom went looking for food 

And I heard the voice of Jesus 
Gently whisper to my soul 
Didn't you say you wanted to know me 
Well, here I am 
And it's getting cold 

So come and know 
Come and know, know me now 
Come, come and know, know me now 

Powerful, huh?

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