Saturday, April 01, 2017

Saturday Summary

Since I didn't write my Saturday Summary until Tuesday last week it seems like it's been a short week!

Here's the latest:

Wilson started his job. He has to dress in all black and he looks super cute.  He worked Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and seems to be doing well.

Bart's surgery is Tuesday.  It all happened super fast.   We went to his pre-op appointment yesterday.  He spent time looking up the risks of the surgery online last night.  Probably not a good idea.  He's anxious and a bit crabby and I'm supposed to be really nice right now and that pressure makes me super crabby.

Work continues to go well, though I'm slowing down the pace a bit so people can recover and/or catch up with me :-)  Bart's surgery will help me do that.

And we bought an Instant Pot.

How's that?

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