Saturday, June 03, 2017

Saturday Summary

Wow.  It's been since May 13th since I have written a Saturday Summary and I apologize to my future self for that.  I really do these for the sake of looking back several years down the road to see what I was doing or to find a date.

We have had a busy three weeks.  On May 19th we headed to Minneapolis, St. Paul where we got to spend some time with kids and grandkids.  We also got to spend a significant amount of time with my mom who, as you know, is awesome.    She was able to have a few meals with us and we spent Saturday morning reminiscing .... well she reminisced and I listened.

We had a great time hanging out with Kyle and Christy and their three kids.   They are such great parents -- but I get exhausted just watching Christy care for 3 under three.   It was fun watching Silas interact with his sisters and getting to know their personalities.  

We also got to see almost all of our kids.  On Saturday we had lunch with Sadie and her boyfriend Matt, Leon and his girlfriend Danielle, and Courtney and her son (our grandson) Isaac.   We then picked up my mom and headed for an indoor park where Mike, Rand, Jimmy, Tony, and Kyle's family joined the crew above.  We almost got kicked out a couple times.

I don't have a good camera any more so I just have pictures from my phone, but a few above are for your enjoyment (and my future enjoyment in years to come).

I was especially blessed to join my mom for church and Brunswick and see so many of my friends.  I try not to miss them too much but seeing them again definitely made me remember how much they mean to me.

And I got to see my friend Sonia and her new baby and have lunch with my buddy Dennis....

We packed a LOT into 4 days.

The two weeks after that have been kind of crazy.  While we were gone Dominyk hit a deer with Bart's car, totaling it, and we discovered that our youngest has been skipping classes.   We have dealt with both of those situations and Bart has a new car, and the school year is over, so our youngest is no longer skipping class.   That's one way to solve the issue.

At work I've had an important project i've been working on and we had a full board meeting yesterday.  Last night we had our annual award's ceremony which was awesome -- so fun to see the progress the kids have made over the months or years that they have been with us.

I am super excited that my former boss from Bethany and his wife are arriving tomorrow and that on Monday he will start working as our Chief Operating Officer.   I don't know many men finer than he, and I can't wait to work with him again.

I've learned through my life that God is faithful through the ups and downs and that even when things seem dark, the sun is about to come up.   That pretty much describes our last three weeks!

And today we land at a pretty happy place.   Until the next round.

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