Thursday, February 02, 2012

Last Night I Went to Jail

to visit two of my sons. The visits were very different. One was with one of my sons who has been there off and on and who really doesn't like it when I blog about him. But I went with his girlfriend at his request and we actually had a very nice time. We were able to laugh and joke. He is managing about as well as he can be -- still hoping to get out in time to not get dropped from classes he started at the local tech college this semester. He was pleasant and glad I had come.

The second was with my son who I blogged about yesterday. He is scared to death, incredibly depressed, and convinced that if people knew the whole story he wouldn't be there. I wasn't necessarily kind to him -- I held his feet to the fire so to speak so that he could get real and get out of the fog of denial he is in. But I was also compassionate and tried to help him make sense out of a senseless situation.

Typically Bart has been the one to visit the jail. I have chosen not to go. But for some reason I feel like God is asking me to do this one thing for these guys and so I'm doing it. I don't know that I can do much but listen and give unsolicited advice, but I am doing that.

I am also trying to connect with their girlfriends in positive ways, which isn't difficult because I genuinely like both of them. On the way home I got a call from Courtney saying that she and Isaac had gotten into a car accident. Very scary, but they were calling from the ER and saying they were OK.

It seems like things just keep happening around here!

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LetterstoLauren said...

Life is never dull. Sometimes it seems like things will never get easier. My family has been through a lot this past year, and things just never seem to let up. My 13 yr old sister entered the foster care system last year. Money is tight. Someone in my family is always sick (I just had gall bladder surgery this week). But despite it all, we press on and get through each day. Keep your head up! Messy things usually turn into something beautiful.