Saturday, April 18, 2009

Five Hours Later

Bart and I were outside for 5 and a half hours. Most of the kids were out there for 5. Some of the kids worked for almost all five of those hours. Others did not. Wilson is the only one who didn't help but hey, he's little, and cute, and he had a friend over.

Here are some highlights.

Ricardo is the most diligent of our workers. He quietly works HARD without complaining or arguing. He was Bart's preferred right hand man for most of the day. He motivated Rand to keep up pretty well most of the day by his example.

JImmy spent most of the day inside cleanign the house, which he did an excellent job on. He came out and helped us finish bagging towards the end.

Sadie helped me with a big rock project and then helped haul wood and bag. As usual she was cheerful and helpful and posed for a picture.

I paid Dominyk a penny per rock. He has no idea that if he had worked by the hour he may have made more, but this kept him motivated.

Tony was walking by with a few sticks and I grabbed the camera and said, "I gotta get a picture of you working while I can." Then my battery in the camera died. He insisted I use my phone to take another one and then grabbed a bigger armful of sticks than he had used all day to pose for this shot.

Leon was at a friends and so was Salinda so they missed out on the fun.

We started with the side of the house looking like this.

ANd by the time we were done with that part of the project it looked like this.

But we still have several more hours of work to do on another day, which is evidenced by all this junk we hauled to one spot in the backyard. Lots of junk.

And just so you don't think that I just sat there, look at these nails! Cindy would be shocked, as would several of the rest of you. Not because my nails are usually nice, but because they belong on a keyboard, not in DIRT.

ANd finally, a picture of Preacher Man's blister. Another anomoly.

I took a picture of his calves, because they are sexy, but I know he wouldn't want that here. Even though he thinks he can call me Cowlaudia.


Rose Adoption Journey said...

nice job..we cleaned out cars today and cleaned house. The boys actually do well when they are cleaning. A little whiny at the end of the day but still did the way, I think Russ has some shorts like what Bart was wearing! (-;

jen said...

How cool that you got so many working with you! I was in the yard yesterday and had around 5 (out of 12) but they were all boys. The girls were in front of screens. (computer,tv, etc)

debbie said...

you make me laugh!!!