Monday, April 20, 2009

Got "er Done

Well, we made it through yesterday. It was one thing after another all day back to back.....and we made it to the end. Now we're up at starting again.

I took some pictures at the International Festival yesterday, but of course they were not on the memory card (because I had taken that out of the camera) and now they are on the regular camera itself and of course I can't find the cord. So if I ever find it you'll get to hear about that.

My back was so stiff yesterday that I didn't dare try to go to the Y today -- and Kari wasn't feeling well either so neither of us went. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be feeling better.

We tend to drag out birthday celebrations here so we have yet to do his cake....

I'm heading to get Salinda after I drop off the kids at school -- and I'm taking 7 of them this morning as the neighbor has to go in early... Picking her up always makes me anxious because sometimes she is really crabby. The break from her has been nice, but it comes with a price.

Wow, this blog post is making me yawn. It needs to end.

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