Friday, April 17, 2009

Those Moments of Joy

When I share my "12 Survival Tips" with audiences, one of them is "Find one moment of joy each day."

Today's moment of joy is named Tim.

Without asking, Wilson brought Tim home from school and suggested he spend the night. When we got to the restuarant to celebrate Dominyk's upcoming birthday, Tim's true personality shone forth. Extroverted and adorable, he immediately figured out that nobody was going to know he wasn't part of the family. "Hey, it looks like I'm adopted and you guys are my parents too." He immediately started telling people around him that he and Wilson were twins.

He decided that the waitress carrying the sizzlin fajitas was also "Sizzlin" and started immediately to flirt with her. When she teased him back he winked at me as she left and said, "I've got a chance."

I asked him if he thought it might be a problem for her than he was 9 to which he indignantly replied, "I'm 10!"

He also informed me that he understood women ... that he simply told them "My way or the highway." When he asked him how that worked for him, he responded, "I've got GAME."

Later he asked the waitress straight up if he had a chance of dating her and she mentioned that her boyfriend might not be very happy if she did.

I asked him if he came with a remote because his volume was set a little high, so for the rest of the meal every time he got noisy i would pretend that I had a remote and was turning him down. Immediately he would pretend as though I had turned him down too far and simply mouthed words until he reached over and pretended to take the remote out of my hands to turn himself up.

There were so many things he said that were hilarious that Bart and I laughed through most of the meal. And since Mike was trying to call while we ate, we sure needed that distraction from impending drama.

Sometimes God knows what we need, and tonight I needed a 10 year old boy with game to provide that moment of joy.

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