Friday, July 27, 2012


I really intended to blog before this.... really I did.

On Wednesday I got my email caught up (YAY) before leaving.  We were at the airport by 2... and on the plane by 4:30.  So far, so good.  Boys were being appropriate, Bart and I were feeling good... and then we got to Newark around 8:00.  Our next flight was supposed to be at 9:30 -- to arrive at 10:45.  We waited.  The flight was bumped to 10:45.  Then 2:20.  Then they were saying 3:32.  By that point in time we were feeling like it was going to be quite a long night...

About 11:30 they offered us a night in a hotel and food vouchers.  We took them.  We ended up in a pretty crappy Ramada in a not so nice part of town but at least we had two rooms -- because I had to sleep with no clothes after I washed my them out by hand .....  

We had to be on the shuttle by 7:30 am. but we had $20 a piece to spend in the airport for meals.... so we had a nice breakfast and then went to the gate.  Our 9:30 flight finally left at 11:30 -- landing me in the airport less than 2 hours before the institute I was supposed to attend.  Fortunately Matt of OWOYTMS fame who was copresenting with me offered to pick me up and I presented in my dirty clothes from the day before with no makeup, deodorant or toothpaste having been used since the day before.  It was pretty gross. 

I made it through the 3 hours though and then we had dinner as a family in our hotel after I walked home in 100 heat with my back aching.  I hadn't had any blood thinner or water retention pills or anything and you should have seen my ankles.  They are even worse tonight.  I'd post a picture but it's way too gross.

Today I spent the day at the conferenc while Bart took the boys to the Aquarium and both the natural and national museums.  I enjoyed a  lot of time with Pat O'Brian of You Gotta Believe.  We had breakfast and then I presented with da boss at AAN, Wendy, and it was a good seminar.  Lots of energy and questions...

Lunch was with Kathleen and we had a couple hours together -- it was great to hang out with her.  I learned a lot and enjoyed our time together.

Got to hang out with Pat for another couple hours this afternoon and then the kids and I had dinner with him before heading home.

Tonight or tomorrow I am going to attempt to write my What is NACAC post -- something I've done at nearly every NACAC I've been to.

I sold almost every book I brought -- but there weren't too many....

So far I've enjoyed myself quite a bit.  The kids we have with us are relatively compliant and we've had a good time.  After tomorrow I may even actually spend some days as if I'm on vacation :-)

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