Monday, July 02, 2012

The Strange World of Blogging

Online connections are very interesting.  I may have mentioned that I met a blog reader in person the other day -- without even having a police escort -- violating all kinds of internet safety issues.  But it is very interesting, I think, to meet someone that you have only known online.

I've done this a few times -- met up with someone who knew me from my blog and I think that there have been a few who have been disappointed.  They have not liked me as much as they thought they would because on the day that they met me I wasn't as perky or fun or energetic -- or whatever -- as I appear to be in my blog.

Others I've met have been pleasantly surprised that I'm not quite as dogmatic or annoying as I appear.

Regardless, meeting people through after months or years of an online connection, can be quite surprising.

Miscommunicating like I did  in my last post bothers me.  Typically these things happen because I always write too quickly and don't proofread carefully.    Unfortunately I know myself pretty well and I know that when I am representing only myself, I get careless about communicating correctly.

Because of my time constraints, my only option is to stop blogging... and I'm not quite ready for that.


Jen said...

PLEASE don't stop blogging. Please?

Sunday Taylor said...

I certainly hope that you are not ready to stop blogging, because I am not ready to see you stop blogging.

QueenB said...

Oh, please don't stop blogging! I enjoy a good thought provoking post. I also appreciate that you live out your faith, and put your mercy, and grace, into action. I also appreciate that it is possible to have dialogue with you, to get us all to dig deeper within. You rock, girl!

Claudia said...

Oh, I won't stop blogging. I can't.