Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Ran Away (and always remember to hit publish)

Before I get started let me say this.

If you only have time to read one blog entry today, don't read mine.  The Adoption Counselor has some pretty important and profound stuff to say.  She is articulating some of the things that I have been trying to put into words for a long time.. and any time that someone agrees with me I conclude that they are especially brilliant.

So read her first -- and then if you have time read my stuff....

From Thursday morning:

I got up this morning facing a deadline -- a Powerpoint I needed to finish for one of my NACAC seminars next week.  And I needed to be able to focus.

Except for one of my children was awake and began immediately to push my buttons.  He is so oppositional and turns things around very cleverly to prove that I'm the one who has the problem.  He's completely unreasonable... but twists things so it appears that I am.   Ugh.

So anyway, I finally just walked away and left him to do the very thing he was arguing with me about doing (it involved the TV) so that I could focus on this.  But he followed me cussing me out the whole way.  

I grabbed my computer and cord -- didn't even bother with the case -- and put my shoes on and ran away to the coffee shop.  Fortunately I was able to calm myself down long enough to get most of my presentation done.  I still have a ton to do before we leave on Wednesday...


Saturday morning:

AAAGHH.  I thought I had finished this blog entry on Thursday.  Then I took Sadie to meet Salinda and Gabby half way so Sadie could help babysit.  Then my computer charger decided to die so I had to run to get a new one, have supper, and then head to a meeting.

(by the way, if you are interested, the meeting was about a new ministry we are going to be starting at our church to provide a faith-based ministry for individuals with special needs and their families.  If you're interested let me know.)

Yesterday was a nutty day -- had to leave at 6:45 for a day of appointments.  Tony and Jimmy had begged to come along and since Jimmy always does such a nice job of cleaning my office, I let him come.  What a day it was.

We drove 90 minutes or so, stopping to grab breakfast, and then I took them to a park and dropped them off and then headed to a meeting where one of the families I work with was matched with some kids.  EXCITING.   One of my favorite things to have happen....

I then picked up the boys and I had a conference call which I had to be part of from 12-3.  I had planned to do it at my office while the boys cleaned it.... all my stuff for the meeting was online  and required internet access.   About 20 minutes before the meeting was supposed to start I realized that I had left my keys to the office at home -- they were on the key ring with the van -- which, if you're keeping up with things, has been stolen.  Thus I didn't realize I needed my keys and grabbed Barts instead.

So I had to find a restaurant that had wi-fi for the conference call.  After that I met with another family having dropped the boys off to see some friends in a nearby town... and then we headed home.

Afterwards we went over and had a blast with some really nice people -- you know, the ones who can't help but be nice.  The servant type.   They go to our new church and somehow I invited us to their place for dinner with the dad coming to our house to pick up a couple kids and then returning them when we were done.  They fit so well into gift set ...

you've probably heard me say it before but my gift is to be a servee.  I exist so that people with the gift of servanthood have someone to serve.

That's why Mike and Kari were such an excellent fit for our family.  They both have servant's hearts.  But they have moved on an let d now have new friends that they are spending the whole weekend with so I guess I  just need to let it go....

:-)  (I hope you know when I'm messing with people and that I'm not always serious).

This morning i have a conference call about something I can't tell hardly anyone about yet -- which makes it tricky to blog because I have a big mouth.

Then this afternoon we're off to do the final shopping trip for Jimmy who is heading to Job Corps on Tuesday and to pick up a few things for Tony who is returning Monday morning.  Salinda, Sadie, and Gabby are coming home tonight -- and tomorrow we have a fun picnic to attend.

Life is so busy and so good now (though I do miss my husband).  I have been having more conversations with my new Jewish friends via email and I can't wait to share some of their insights... but time is something I simply don't have.

Hope everyone is staying cool enough to survive.

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Lee said...

"you've probably heard me say it before but my gift is to be a servee. I exist so that people with the gift of servanthood have someone to serve."

You crack me up Claudia!