Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Idea of a Fun Day in San Antonio

So for at least the fifth time I am in San Antonio, Texas for the purpose of speaking to CPS workers about adoption. I was here in 2005 and again in 2010. And apparently a couple times in between. I really should compile a list somewhere.... But I digress.

Bart is with me. We are celebrating 20 years of marriage, which seems impossible, but tis true. My back prevents me from much sightseeing and I don't enjoy it much anyway (show me a post card, tell me the story, and I'm good). So when he goes off exploring I get to have a day to myself, free of interruption, far far away from everyone.

So what is my idea of a good day? It's a day where I tell myself I can do whatever I want. That means I can work, if I want to work. I can binge watch Netflix if I prefer. I can sleep or play candy crush until I'm dizzy, or I can spend hours on Facebook. I can pray, reflect, read my Bible or a good book. The possibilities are endless.

So today I started by turning off the air conditioner. Bart is impossibly hot at all times and forces me to live in below zero temperatures. Then I began by taking care of a couple of work things that were nagging at me. Then I spent a bit of time on Facebook, and I did some marketing of our new website. I went shopping on and bought Bart some fun stuff for his birthday. I also cleaned off my phone some so I could install all my apps updates. That's been bugging me for a while.

Other things on my list today are to figure out how to make my life more meaningful (I will most likely blog about that in a while), call my mother, finish my presentation for Friday, possibly make more improvements to our website, plan our trip to MN this summer, organize my work laptop hard drive appropriate (I've never filed anything and it's been 5 months), do some more marketing of speaking and writing, and plan some social engagements for the summer to fill in our empty spots. Whew. If I get tired or bored with any of that I will watch Lost on Netflix (I'm almost done... not sure why I decided I needed to start watching it. 117 episodes of mistrust and blood... but now I have to finish). And there are always those Candy Crush lives to play.

The day will go by way too fast..... but that is my idea of a fun day. If I could walk without pain, I would probably be spending my day differently, but as you know, I'm a lemonade maker.

more to come today ... if I don't wear myself out!

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