Monday, June 27, 2016

What's in the mirror?

The song I have linked to below has the lines “in the mirror all that I see is your grace looking back at me.” I love that concept. Because there are a lot of things I don’t like when I look into the mirror…. t’would be great if the first thing I saw was God’s grace.

There is another concept that I have loved for years. It’s the idea that the face of a good friend is a mirror. Have you ever had a friend like that? One who if you were troubled, when you looked at them and they saw your expression, their face began to look troubled too? Or when you are extremely happy, their countenance changes immediately upon seeing your smile? Those friends are the ones that truly understand you.

Today I want to combine those two concepts. If we care about others, when they look at us — their friends - we should become a mirror. And that mirror should always reflect grace.

What do people look at when they see you? Do they see judgment? Condemnation? Skepticism? Or do they see love, mercy and grace.

Human nature, our sinful nature, pushes us towards the first three. Naturally, without the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we are drawn to the negative and we often do not approach people with grace.

It is my preyer today as we begin our week, that we will all see grace when we look in the mirror — and that when others look into our faces, all that they will see is grace as well. In that kind of world, everything comes alive.

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