Wednesday, October 12, 2016

No matter how it appears....

Every morning I step outside my door and take a picture. The view is always different every single day…. and it has a different kind of beauty. I’m attaching this picture to “prove it.” (one of the four shots, Danika took, but it’s the same view)> I stole it off her Facebook without permission. Yikes!)

There are some things in the picture that are basically the same every day… the tree doesn’t move, the hill is in the same place…. it’s the same view… but it looks different based on the sun. But there is never a time when I look at this view and worry that the sun is gone — I know it’s there. It’s behind the clouds. Or it’s on it’s way up. Or it’s shining so brightly I can’t look into to take the picture because it hurts my eyes. The sun is always there.

I take this picture every day because it reminds me that no matter how it looks, the sun is still there. And this reminds me that no matter how it appears, God is still there… every day. I start my day not knowing what will happen — some things will be the same…. my job, my family, they won’t change. But the view will change depending on many factors outside of my control…. there will be clouds, storms even, and there may be times when I can’t even see God…. but it doesn’t matter whether or not I see him clearly or He is hidden — He is still there.

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Other Mother said...

This. Is. Perfect.

Love you Claudia.