Saturday, December 31, 2016

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!

I am so pumped up about 2017 and one of the main reasons is that this week, after checking out a few things on Pinterest, I learned about a couple of tools and rediscovered an old one that I think are going to help me and my team ROCK 2017. So, here is my list of things that I'm excited about in 2017, including those three things, not in any particular order.

1) Bullet Journaling. Please tell me, people, how this could have escaped me?!?! I can't believe this has been a thing for over a year and that there are websites, and Instagram and YouTube channels, and Facebook Groups, and pages of items you can buy for it and I never knew about it. And the thing is, it is SO ME! Not the artsy piece, but the tracking piece. I have been making little boxes in excel spreadsheets and coloring them in as a motivator to achieve goals for several years. In fact, I'm thinking that maybe somehow this whole thing was my idea. Ok, not really, but it could have been cuz I started doing it years ago. Anyway, I have ordered my first one and it's coming in a couple days and I am busy planning how this tool is going to transform my life.

2) Infographics. I've seen a few, but until a couple days ago, I didn't know it was a thing. I didn't know there were websites that made it easy to make them, or full websites on how to. Again, how did I miss this? These are going to transform several things in my life -- marketing my books, inspiring my team, marketing my speaking and training, improving powerpoint I use to influence others.... I messed around and made my first one yesterday and I am so excited about this I can hardly contain myself. I woke up in the night thinking about my next one.

3) Kanban and Trello. Ok, so the kanban isn't new to me, it's something I learned about a couple years ago, but it, combined with Trello has been a great task accomplishment tool for me. Trello is a web site and if you are interested in learning more, let me know and I'll invite you to join. The more people I invite, the more months of free premium membership I'll have. And if you ask me to invite you, I'll also answer your questions about a kanban and how it can increase work productivity.

4) New Hires at work. During the next six months we are going to be replacing some key positions and I am excited about some of the candidates who have applied. We are just a few players short of a "dream team" in a couple of my departments and I am really looking forward to working with some new hungry, healthy, smart people (read "the Ideal Team Player" by Lencioni if you want more information.

5) Our strategic plan at work. We have a strategic plan that we have been working on all fall that we are presenting to the board on January 17. It is slowly transforming us all into better leaders and helping us to execute our wildly important goals with more accountability. (see the 4 Disciplines of Execution by McChesney).

6) My kids making plans for significant progress during the coming year. Please pray for Tony as he heads to Job Corps on January 9th. Pray for Dominyk as he attempts to enroll in Technical College for the Spring Semester. Pray for Salinda as she is waiting to hear back from a great job that she would really love. And pray for Leon and Sadie who both are dating really neat kids who we love and don't want them to lose.

7) Renewed energy, enthusiasm, and plans for the coming year. I have been in quite a funk over the past several months, but I am facing 2017 with a great deal of motivation to make changes in my life and to fill my time with worthwhile things. The whole year of me getting used to my job was one cataclysmic event after another -- things that involved what I interpreted as personal betrayal, situations in which I was manipulated and lied to, and a lot of spiritual warfare. I feel grateful to God for the strength to make it through this and am determined not to repeat some of the same mistakes I made last year. I may have lost a few battles this year, but I'm still standing!

I hope that you are excited about the coming year, but if you aren't, there is one more thing that I am looking forward to.

8) Baby Steps Out 2.0. Five years ago I created a blog for folks that are really in a slump in life -- something to help them get out of the slump. I'm going to bring that back for the first 60 days of 2017. I hope you'll stay tuned. I'm going to blog about it and give an introduction today and then repeat it over the next several weeks.

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