Sunday, January 01, 2017

Something I Learned About God Today from my 2 Year Old Grandson

What I learned about God today wasn't something new. I've always known it. But today it became clear to me in a new, fresh way.

God is REALLY patient with us.

Let me tell you what happened today. Carlos was watching his favorite movie, "Home" on his mom's iPhone. He didn't know, nor could his mom explain it to him, but she was planning on taking him to Mega Bounce with his sister to in celebration of her seventh birthday.

When she took the phone away from him he had a complete fit! He screamed and threw an amazing two year old tantrum. And while he was doing that, I got to thinking that that is exactly what happens when God has a plan for us.

Since His ways are higher than ours, sometimes He can't explain to us where He is taking us next. So He has to take something away from us -- a job, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a friendship -- and we throw a fit! We are beside ourselves asking "Why" and just sure we won't make it through this current charity.

But God knows the plan He has for us -- the best thing ever. For Carlos, who is all boy and loves to keep moving, MegaBounce is the best thing he can imagine. So for us it is something just that amazing.

So we can trust Him when he takes away the Netflix movie that we have watched a zillion times, we just may end up at Mega Bounce.

The best part of it? God never looses patience with us during our tantrum. He understands our shortsightedness. He knows that we can't yet grasp how awesome the next step is going to be. So he listens to us cry and never once gets mad.

And that is awesome.

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