Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Who are you afraid of?

Is there someone that you are afraid of?   Maybe it's an intimidating neighbor, or a boss who is overbearing.   Or maybe being around people who are old makes you nervous, or small babies.  For me I've noticed that unpredictability makes me feel fearful.   I do ok, for example, with some mental health issues, but the ones that cause behavior that is sporadic and changes without warning often scare me.

I have read the story of David, Saul, Jonathan, Goliath, etc, many times over the years, but yesterday, as I was listening to it again, I was blown away by one small part of the story.   Remember when Saul was going through that dark spell and David was playing his harp for him and suddenly Saul grabs his spear and chucks it at David?  Twice.   And misses.  In my way of thinking, the next sentence should be 'And David feared Saul."  I mean GOOD GRIEF, the dude was nuts.  He was throwing spears out of nowhere right at his head.   But instead, the next words in Scripture (the Msg, I samuel 18:12) are, "
Now Saul feared David. It was clear that God was with David and had left Saul. So, Saul got David out of his sight by making him an officer in the army. David was in combat frequently. Everything David did turned out well.  

The lesson in this for me, is that if God is with us, we need not have fear -- not even of the mentally ill, or unpredictable.  Not even of those who are trying to kill us.  Because when they see that God is with us, they will fear us instead.

After all, we've got angel armies on our side.

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