Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Summary August 12, 2017

It was quite a week .... busy, productive and a good week for the Fletchers!

I always like to start with my work report, because I love my job.  It's a combination of an amazing team to work with, a missions that fits perfectly with my life's mission, and big ideas flowing all the time.   This week I had back to back meetings Monday and Tuesday, created and worked through a portion of a 4 page to do list on Wednesday and then headed to the Global Leadership Summit being simulcast at a church in Roanoke.  Our whole leadership team, all nine of us, got to go together and it was phenomenal.   I have been several years now, and I always leave with more ideas and knowledge than I thought was possible to accumulate in two days.

As a family, we started last week with Bart and I going to worship with my coworker, Crystal.  We were by far the minority (as in the only white people) in a congregation of welcoming, warm people who truly blessed us by their hospitality.  And I got to hear Crystal sing and that girl can SING.   It was a great time.  We had lunch together alone afterwards (the kids had decided to go to Mt. Vernon) and by the time we got home it was late afternoon.  My choice to have a long nap messed up my sleep schedule for a day or two, but the nap itself was glorious.  Sunday was completed with a game night at church where I lost repeatedly to a certain unnamed person who insisted on bragging.

Wednesday was the first day of school for Wilson and Gabby.  It was Wilson's last first day of school -- the end of an era.   And Gabby started 2nd grade with great enthusiasm.  In a letter that day reminding Salinda that Gabby would not be around to help keep Carlos safe, I encouraged her to be more vigilant so that nothing happened to him.   That afternoon she feel asleep and he chopped off his hair -- all the way down to the scalp.   So it was Carlos' first day of short hair in his life.... she had been nurturing that hair for almost 3 years.   Good lesson for all of us.... and he is still REALLY cute.

So I returned last night to have dinner out with Bart and tell him everything I learned at the summit.... and watch the best innings of a Reds game.... We won, but it wasn't because they didn't almost lose it at the end.... must have been because I had already gone to bed.

So here we are at the weekend and I'm behind on almost everything there is to be behind on, but that, as you know, is the story of my life.

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