Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Funny Story and a Promise... well, maybe...

Yesterday Bart took me to lunch. It had been quite a long time since we were both free for lunch, so we added a little Christmas shopping before and had a nice time. After we got to the restaurant and ordered, as is my tradition, I went to the bathroom. Bart reported later that I was gone for an unusually long time.

I had pushed open the bathroom door and looked into the corner to see the handicapped stall that I always use. I went it, locked the door, and sat down to do my business. Now i'm sure that none of you have ever looked at your phone while peeing, but I did, and I found that I had an important email that needed answering. So I just sat there and finished the email.

Much to my surprise, when I opened the stall door, I was staring at 3 urinals. I quickly exited and turned around to see that yes, indeed, the door was marked Men. Fortunately for me, the restaurant was pretty empty -- because had there been a stream of men coming in and out, I would hve been stuck in the stall for who knows how long and that idea is simply not appealing.

It's my plan to start the Baby Steps Out blog today... for those of you have asked for it.

Right now, I am overhearing Dominyk, alone and unprovoked, using vulgar language in the shower. I wonder what he's doing to bother himself?

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Tia said...

Ha! I did that once also, except I figured out that I was in the men's bathroom when I heard male voices and the urinals being used. It was at a very busy place and I tried waiting until I was the only one in there, but it never happened. So I had to go out, apologizing and feeling quite embarrassed.