Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nice Surprise

Yesterday while Bart and I were Christmas shopping Salinda called me several times about her financial aid situation. She and Henry are back together and so she has decided to attend college up by where he is. But she is having a hard time getting things set up and needs a lot of help. Her phone is messed up and she wants to wait until the upgrade to get a nicer phone without the buyout, so trying to talk and text was frustrating. So out of the blue she said she was just going to come and bring Gabby for a visit.

She and I ended up having a nice time together. Everyone else was busy -- Sadie was working, Leon with a friend, Wilson with a friend, Dominyk with Bart at the church, Ricardo (wrote Rand for some reason until the commenter caught that one!) out jogging, and the rest watching a game on TV or something. The house was quiet.

She got there as we were finishing supper, so I sat with her and Gabby as they ate -- Bart had to leave for his meeting. We talked about college. When everyone was asking whose night it was for dishes, I said "well, it was Salinda's but she doesn't live here any more" and she piped in and offered to do them anyway. So after she finished the dishes she and gabby came up to my bedroom and we watched the TV special and talked throughout it. She showed me the classes she will be taking and we enjoyed Gabby.

Gabby is SO fun lately. She is learning new words all the time. If someone calls her she replies, "Coming!" and she can say lots of names very clearly now. Grandma, Grandpa, Tony, Leon, Sadie, adn Gabby. And she calls Salinda Sally (the nickname they have for her at her boyfriends home) sometimes just to be funny. She now responds like she's having a conversation -- I'm not sure she understands every question, but she will respond with "mmm hmmm" or "yes" when asked a direct question.

There is even a possibility that she might be with us on Christmas morning, though I'm not crossing my fingers, but that would be so much fun.

Not sure why I woke up so whiny. ;-)


robyncalgary said...

Oh my goodness she is getting so big! Glad to hear you had a nice visit and "Sally" (teehee!) was so helpful :) and rand jogging, good for him! I must say, Gabby looks a bit like grandma in this pic ;) lol in some kind of osmosis kind of way :)

Claudia said...

LOLOLOL. I can't believe I wrote that wrong. Ricardo went out jogging, not Rand. Better fix that one!