Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If you are one who prays

Prayer may be the only solution for a couple things I'm anxious about today.

1) An estranged relationship that seems unresolvable between our family and someone outside of our family. I am not going to put details, but Bart and I have been very troubled by this for weeks now and there does not seem to be the possiblity for reconciliation.

2) Room changes. We really need to move rooms around and I am pretty sure that those who are going to have to move are going to be very unhappy. It seems obvious to me that the homeowners who pay the bills should be able to decide who sleeps in what room (and there will be some choices involved) but I am dreading the announcement that it is happening as it will undoubtedly bring about a bunch of nasty mouthy crabby behavior.

3) A completely unbloggable situation. And I have very few.

Those three things are stuck on the track going around my mind and I'm having a rough time getting through them. I feel like a hamster going around and around and around and making zero progress.


GB's Mom said...

Couple of thoughts: 1) disengage for 48 hours. 2) blog about everything and save the blog. Just don't share it. 3) This too will pass- nothing stays the same for ever. {{{Hugs}}}

mommykimm said...

I am one who prays. I am praying now for your situations. HE is able to do so much more than what we can possibly think or imagine!!

Mightyheidi said...

Are we living parallel lives?? I, too, am dealing with having to realize I cannot do anything about an estranged relationship, but have to know quite possibly God wants me to learn something during this. I also struggle with having adult and/or near-adult children not realizing that this house really belongs to the people paying the bills, and maybe the bill payers are allowed to make the rules! And, although I don't blog, I have a situation I cannot share, too. Not super-serious, but something I have to figure out how to handle.

Luckily, through it all, God gives me graces.