Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Scales Have Been Officially Tipped

As of yesterday, Bart and I are now the parents of more adults than children. Ricardo turned 18, leaving us with only 5 "children" to be legally responsible for. We still have 8 or 9 on any given day living here, but we "only" have five kids. It is kind of nice to get over that hump.

It feels good to have my horribly busy six weeks behind me and be able to focus on some things at home. I really need to do that. I'm feeling very out of sync when my inbox is full and my desk is a mess. Maybe today we can get some of that taken care of. We are also thinking about decorating for Christmas, something that hasn't happened yet.

Everyone is slowly scurrying (can a person slowly scurry) to get ready for church and I have medicine to give Wilson. He had four wisdom teeth pulled on Friday and is very swollen. He has a high pain tolerance and is very brave -- but he totally looks like a chipmunk but is refusing to let anyone take pictures.

SO.... it's Sunday, people....... Enjoy your day!

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