Monday, May 07, 2012

Living in the Context of Community

Today is one of those days when it's really good to be living in the context of Christian community. Being connected to other people who share your faith and your mission and are willing to lend a hand is a great place to be. Today we had lunch with a husband/wife attorney/CPA team -- not a bad combo when you need advice about financing homes. Tonight after supper or neighbor from across the street is coming over to give us some advice -- he is a real estate broker and a good friend whose wife has saved a couple of my kids lives the past few years by giving them rides to school. Bart's clergy friend is going to let Rand move in to her basement if her church committee doesn't care. And a few minutes ago I looked outside my window and saw our youth minister who stopped by and he was fixing the mower and mowing a row of grass.

Community. It's a really good idea.

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