Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Pieces Are Falling Together

Whew. My life is speeding on... careening from thing to thing as I attempt to keep up. The days are counting down and we are looking towards a move date of June 11. Hopefully we will close on the house. I continue to love the family who wants to buy the house and we are really hoping that all works out as it it might be as much fun to be the answer to someones prayer's as it is to have your prayers answered.

I spent yesterday doing a lot of annoying paperwork kinds of things for my job and family and have a big stack ready to go to the post office. I always enjoy having things leave my desk. I pushed myself pretty hard from 8 til noon when I got to have lunch with my friend Sue. She is awesome. Seriously.

Yesterday afternoon Rand and I met with a family who are going to let him move into their basement. Because it is so much closer (by about 30 miles) to the other option and because he can move in today instead of August 1st, this is a wonderful answer to prayer. It all fell together in 24 hours. It's a situation he can afford and will hopefully be a stepping stone for him to move forward.

Last night we got to watch Isaac and he spent the night in our bedroom for the first time ever. He woke up at 5 a.m., but we coaxed him back to bed until 6, but the picture above is of him at 6:15. Nobody should be THAT happy at 6:15.

Today I have some writing I need to do and I need to prepare for a trip to Virginia that I leave for on Sunday. Once I get back from that trip there are only 3 days before Tony leaves for Job Corp.

Would appreciate your prayers for Sadie. She's supposed to get a call any day to start Job Corp... and she's nervous. I think she knows she needs to go... but she is getting cold feet. Or maybe you should be praying for me that I don't say something that messes it up. I want to be excited for her and get her excited as well, but I'm afraid of the teenage girl thing where you don't do what your mother thinks you should.

So that's where we are today.... time for me to get moving and accomplish much...

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