Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Feeling Guilty

SO the one thing in my life that is getting neglected is YOU. I haven't posted for a full week and that is a record in the 7.5 years I've been blogging. I have been gloriously and intensely busy... I hearaven't even read any one else's blogs this week.

But since Leon overslept for the first time (school starts at 7:20 so he has had to get up mighty early) I have 10 minutes....

My weekdays have been up early, to work by 7:30, work til 4:30 or 5 or 5:30, evening activities, etc. I have been intensely involved the whole day at work with meetings and appointments and interviewing others so I haven't had any free time during the day to blog. Since I leave at 6:40 to take Leon, no time to blog before work. And when I'm home - either time with the family, church stuff, or out with friends.... it's nuts. I did go to the gym twice last week, but this week I only have one day that I can do it.

This past weekend was my 49th birthday. The day of my birthday was challenging -- with the high point being dinner with Mike, Kari and the kids who were up from Mankato -- even though I messed up picking the place to eat and traffic made me almost an hour late -- not a good thing while several kids with special needs are waiting and hungry. Later some new friends were supposed to come over for cake but they were with friends who were saying goodbye to their friend.... he died hours later.

But Saturday was awesome. Our church had a block party -- Carnival of Community -- and it was so well attended. About 250 people from the neighborhood and over 50 volunteers made it an amazing evening. Sadie sang in the praise band and the atmosphere there was incredible.

Pictures and this quote are on Facebook. I will post pictures here tonight (hopefully) -- Gabby and Isaac and their moms were with us -- a very fun time But the whole weekend at our church reminded me of this quote:

One of the most profound comments made regarding the early church came from the lips of a man named Aristides, sent by the Emperor Hadrian to spy out those strange creatures known as "Christians." Having seen them in action, Aristides returned with a mixed report. But his immortal words to the emperor have echoed down through history: "Behold! How they love one another."

- Chuck Swindol

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