Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The New Normal

After 16 years of working from home, this morning I was at my new office by 7:30 in a dress. Seriously???? yes, seriously.

I worked a full day, stopped on my way home to work out, at dinner alone -- delicious, but Bart had an early meeting, did a few things on my computer, had a fun phone conversation, went with Bart to pick up Leon and Dominyk from Leon's work, and now I'm finally blogging.

Great day full of challenge and fun. Our kids are doing well. Bart and I are loving challenging jobs and new friends. It's good.

Our other kids have some drama. But right now they are not needing to share much of it with us and we are really enjoying the break.....

I'm heading downstairs to get to bed so I can get up tomorrow and do it all over again.

But there is SO much good to do in this world.... I love getting paid to be part of it.

Wanna have some fun with us on Saturday? Bring your kids to our church's block party!

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Lee said...

pickle on a stick????? Never heard of that particular dinner item Claudia. Must be a regional thing. (I am in the Northeast) Everything sounds really great for you all right now and the move was clearly what was meant to be.