Monday, February 06, 2017

Get out of the way!

I tend to think I'm pretty brilliant.   In case you didn't know that about me.   I often amaze myself with my creative mind.... until I don't, but that's another story.  For the point of this blog post, I am brilliant.

In fact, sometimes I'm more brilliant than God.  He has a plan, He shares it with me, and then I for some reason feel compelled to take it one step further.  Because in my humanness, I convince myself that if I add just a little bit more to God's instructions, I can perfect them.

Unfortunately, it seldom works well.   In fact, we have an example in scripture, in Numbers chapter 20.   There was no water and the people were complaining (again) in the desert.   Go told Moses to assemble the community and speak to the rock, and water would come out.

But Moses didn't think that was enough.  He had to hit the rock too.   Maybe it was just that simple act of disobedience, or possibly it was because he got so angry, but God was not pleased.  In fact, it costs Moses the opportunity to see the Promised Land.

So, when this all shakes down, I realize that I'm not brilliant.  In fact, I'm a mess.   A wrecking ball .... messing up everything God has planned.

Maybe this has happened to you.  You feel the Holy Spirit nudging you to say something to someone, so you go and say that, and then you have to add a whole bunch more commentary that takes away the power of God's word.  Or maybe God has asked you to accomplish a small task that seems insignificant so you add a bunch of stuff to it.

I think that when I do that it must be called what it is -- a lack of faith on my part to believe that God can do anything He wants to without my help.

Join me in praying today that we can force ourselves to step out of God's way whenever possible so He can accomplish what he has planned.

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