Saturday, February 25, 2017

Second Saturday Summary

It's the weekend and I must say that it is not a bad thing to wake up and find it's a high of 70 again when Facebook has the whining posts of Minnesota's buried in snow.

It has been quite the week!  I must confess that I am not feeling a bit out of sorts this morning.... nothing major and actually nothing related to my children (they are typically the source of my out-of-sortsness).  I love my job at work, but it is hard to find a balance of how relational to be when you're a Chief Officer.   I usually err on one side or another so it's challenging.

So, last week my mom had her Pacemaker put in.  She thought she was coming home from the hospital Monday, but got to come home Saturday.  As you know from reading my blog this week, she called to tell me my brother had gotten married -- and I have talked to him a few times this week -- and texted my new 27 year old sister-in-law which is still a strange concept.  I also found out this week that a very dear friend died, and that a couple of my other friends may have breast cancer.  In addition, two of my favorite students when I was Dean who later married each other, have a little boy who is very very sick so my heart has been heavy for him.

Highlights of the week, though, were having lunch with Bob and Judy Black last Saturday in Charlotte which was awesome.  We picked up Rand at the airport on Monday and he has been here all week.  He's always fun to have around.  Yesterday Bart and I took a road trip to attend orthopedic appointments, and then had lunch one of my coworkers and his wife.   We headed then, to Walton's mountain, where we found a very small, very closed museum.  I was SURE the website said they were open every day, but we were a week off.  They open March 4.

Last night we got pictures saying Sadie and Matt got a puppy.

Today we are taking the whole clan to see "A Dog's Purpose."  That should be enjoyable although we aren't sure how Carlos will do ate age 2.  But his mom will have to worry about that :-)

I'm ending month two as a bullet journalist and for the first day since I started the journey, I am not feeling motivated.  I'm sure once I get started I'll be fine.

This was one boring blog entry.

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