Friday, September 03, 2010

More Mature Than I Want to Be but Not That Mature

So I see this status update on my 21 year old unemployed non-contributing member of the family who does nothing at all at the house and barely speaks to us but still sleeps and eats here when he pleases:

Why is my mom a pathological argument starter?

and that was followed up by:

Cant even say s*** then shes raises her temper and when she makes her point...she has to do it 6 more times 6 different ways

That is his version of this conversation:

Did you move the bed back like I asked you to?

You know he isn't even going to stay here more than a couple days.

That's not the point. He needs to have a bed and you didn't have permission to take it in the first place.

Well then can you give me the bed that I had when I moved in? (He was eight and long ago destroyed that bed). Can you you give me ANYTHING?

You do not do anything here at all. Everyone else in the house has responsibilities and they contribute. You don't even speak to us unless you want something.

So, i wanted to put as a comment on his Facebook status, "Is the bed moved yet?"

Or I thought about writing as my status, "Why do my children view my request to complete a task I asked them to do 24 hours ago as an argument starter?"

or even something like, "Why are there unemployed 21 year olds in this world who think it's OK to wake up in the middle of the day and plop on their parents' couches and write disparaging things about them on Facebook?"

but instead I just let him have his world of facebook unadulterated by me. Isn't that mature of me? Now if I was really mature I wouldn't have the need to retaliate through my blog though, would i?


Little Wonder said...

or if you were really mean, which I know you're not, you'd open a new FB account as a really gorgeous twenties girl, friend him and then rave about how his mom must really care about him and how she really just wants what's best for him.

Oh, that has a lot of possibilities. lol

GB's Mom said...

You did better then I do a lot of the time. At this point I "unfriended MK so I don't see that kind of nonsense. I find it is better for my blood pressure.

Integrity Singer said...

I like to play devil's advocate and say "yep, you're exactly right. I'm a bleeping a-hole that just wants to ruin your life. I wake up every day thinking how can I make my son miserable today?"

that's probably not mature either. lol