Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 6, Flooring, Speaking, and other Stuff.....

Today is day six of not going to the store and so far we have been victorious. I still see a few potential meals out there -- so I'm thinking of trying to make it until we leave to pick Bart up on Saturday. It's getting bleaker by the day.... now if we were STARVING we could make it another month probably.... but that would mean eating a lot of cereal, etc.

The flooring guys are here and so we can't use the kitchen the next two days. The kids are beyond thrilled because it means we get to go out to eat. I have a big surprise for them -- we can't watch TV now because of the flooring and my guys have been following the women's world cup, so today for lunch we are going to BBWangs, or BDubs, or whatever they are calling it these days to eat and watch the semi-finals. It's going to require me to do quite a bit of running (2 kids have summer school that will require me to pick them up a half hour a part an hour after we get there). I then have to run home because the cable guy is coming to switch up our cable and internet, which will most likely cause a lot of struggle... as messing with the internet always does.

I am writing now that I know I am going to regret signing up with Charter, but they gave us an unbeatable deal when we bundled everything. I hope they surprise me, but I have a feeling I'm going to be blogging how much I hate them within the next six months. (I'm trying to use reverse psychology with them here, we'll see if it works).

Last night's speaking engagement was so very fun. The women who planned it were bubbling with enthusiasm and joy and the people I went with -- very fun. Also got to see Jenny again -- who is the area Women of Faith Event Rep who is promising more gigs. Yay!

Right now the flooring guys are here and have run into several glitches. I also am frustrated about the ways that the state shutdown is affecting my job! Ugh. But I will make it through yet another day....

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