Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I live in an interesting world..

Last night we went and watched fireworks. Our friends the Coffees were with us as were our fun neighbors from across the street and a few of the kids friends who saw us there and decided to join us.

I decided not to take my camera this year because I end up getting obsessed and come home with 400 pictures of fireworks that clog up my hard drive for years. But seeing what I was able to do with my phone (or not do), I'm thinking next year I'm going back to the hard drive clogging plan.

They closed the bridge between Mankato and North Mankato so we could sit on it to watch fireworks. If you are from our area you will know that they are NOT the same city and you probably better not suggest that they are the same because they just aren't. And North Mankato is NOT a suburb of Mankato, nor is it a part of Mankato. Anyway, I digress.

A few guys in lime green vests were walking back and forth across the bridge making sure people left the road open for emergency vehicles and only sat on the sidewalks and medians. I couldn't stop laughing when Dominyk referred to them, and the people on the boats underneath the bridge as "Border Patrol."

And this morning I woke up to the scene in this picture. Somehow Tony has it in his head that these huge 3XXX shirts will be too small for him if they are once put in the dryer, so he air dries them. Last week they were air drying folded into fourths hanging in his closet on hangers (in a room that you couldn't walk through without a shovel). Apparently he took heed to my warnings about mildew, because this morning they were draped across the dirty van in the garage.

Bart is leaving for a couple days and I'm pretty sure it's not going to be too fun for me, but I owe him as I have left a lot lately. I can guarantee you that if one of the people who voted to end the PCA program had to spend ONE day with Dominyk, I guarantee you they would go back and BEG people to reconsider.

This is my first day where I'm supposed to be working that he doesn't have a PCA and I am already ready to do something drastic.....

Lord Have Mercy...

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