Monday, July 11, 2011

A Few Miscellaenous Ligtht-Hearted Things (with a heavy paragraph at the end)

I have a couple of really intense topics brewing, but this morning I'm going to share a few funny things that have happened....

Yesterday Tony mistakenly said he and Dominyk were going to the Y to "Lift Out." I mentioned that he had coined a new phrase -- a combination between lifting weights and working out. After I picked them up, he reported that Dominyk's eyes were "Pitch Red" when he got out of the pool.

Jimmy said something completely hilarious this weekend and I swore I wasn't going to forget it and now I have. Grr. And I texted Kari to see if she can remember -- I told her this morning on the way home from the Y -- but she's too busy to respond apparently. Even though I happen to know that she is alone in her house, choosing to be there as opposed to joining me at Dunn Brothers. Sigh.

Isaac has learned a new trick. Except that Courtney forgot to tell me. I went up there to visit him and Courtney yesterday to drop off some pictures (Courtney is currently living with her mom, and John is living with her dad -- and that puts them about 45 miles apart and they have no money for gas, but that's another story). Anyway, Isaac still gives great kisses. But his new trick is making a buzzing noise with his lips and spraying spit everywhere. SO after my nice kiss I suddenly was completely sprayed in the face. And I thought it was adorable. I can't believe I"m this in love with a baby -- he spit in my face and I thought it was cute!

One of the sweetest kids I've ever known, who I've known since he was a toddler, died at the age of 26 on Friday night. His parents and his aunt and uncle are some of my very best friends and I can't stop thinking about them. They live quite far away and I've been praying for them. I'll blog more about that at another time. But their loss -- our loss I should say, because it effects all who knew him, has me feeling a need to connect with my grown kids -- even if it is just by dropping off a hammer at the jail....

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