Saturday, July 30, 2011

So did YOU start to wonder if I Existed

Thank you to those of you who made me feel less invisible. It's been quite a couple days for me. Yesterday wasn't an easy start for me .... I'll blog about that in a minute.... and then I ended up having a confusing day. Today we are in the middle of uncertainty. Tony had made arrangements to go see Bart's mom but he was very unclear about what the plan was. So since we already had planned to spend a couple hours with Salinda and Gabby today, I decided we would go ahead and get started on the trip and made plans as we went.

Wow. Tony is as agitated as the day is long and I'm fairly proud of myself for recognizing his defiance and anger as anxiety. But it has been a long day.

It was really nice to see Salinda and Gabby. She was quite cute... actually both of them are :-) but Gabby has learned some new tricks -- like the itsy bitsy spider than she is learning from Baby Genius or some show on TV.

WE are now in an overpriced understarred hotel that I got on priceline and I will go with the flow as far as the next 24 hours go before we head to the airport to pick up Bart. Hopefully somewhere in that next 24 hours we will get TV where he needs to go.

Here is a couple examples of honest to goodness situations during our drive that might explain to you why I am a bit on the exhausted side from the ride.

We pulled into a town where almost every tree had yellow ribbons. One of the kids asked why. I explained the whole thing -- telling the entire story behind the song so dramatically that I even chocked up, and then, for their listening enjoyment, sang the entire chorus of the song not once but twice. When I finished they were relieved. Jimmy then said, "So what's with all these yellow ribbons anyway?"

At lunch we were talking about breast cancer and mastectomies. We explained that some women who were breast cancer survivors only ended up having a breast, or sometimes two, removed. One of the boys -- either Tony or Dominyk, responded, "So wait, you mean they don't have two regular boobs so they grow one back in the middle?

Gabby was a little wary of all of her uncles that were loud and surrounding her it seemed. The look on her face is similar to the one I've had on mine all day.

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