Friday, January 27, 2012

Almost 6:30 -- time for bed!

Today has been a LONG day.... Was up at 5:30 on the Shuttle by 6:20, at MSP by 8:15, on the plane by 10:30 ... very quick -- like five minute quick -- layover in Denver, and arrived about 2:45 Seattle time, which is 4:45 Minnesota time.

Had dinner with some amazing women who are doing an excellent job of raising tough kids. One is the author of this incredible blog.. Good stuff in there.

The second is the wife of Pastor Dan on this church staff and the other lives in Denver but knows one of my friends!

So we had a nice time together.... I'm way too tired to attend the conference tonight -- I'm learning to define a new normal for myself based on health issues -- so I'm going to be going to bed fairly soon. It's 8:30 at home, so I think I'll be in bed by 7 here. Typical of my trips to Seattle.

Hope that things are going well for all of you.... have had some insights but will wait until morning before I blog them.

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