Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This morning... x 2

Yesterday happened and we made it through. I had Isaac for several hours, Tony was home suspended to he helped with him, we had dinner together Tony and Dominyk were in full blown "Jerk" mode -- just trying their hardest to be the most awful. Bart never lets things get to that point because he can't stand it, but I've found intervening does very little good so I try to ignore it, but I didn't do a very good job of it last night. So we endured the evening.

Then this morning I got up and a lot of very weird things happened. I woke everyone up, they started to get ready and then strange things started to occur. I couldn't find my clothes. I ended up having to ride my bike up to Bethany (local collete) to find something I'd left there, and I fell off a wall. I came back to find the kids not cooperating at all and refusing to go to school. Ricardo came home and said nothing... as if he had not been gone at all but wanted us to pay for a bunch of wrestling stuff for him.

And then I woke up. ANd I had to do it all again. Although i wish Ricky was back, he isn't... and everyone else is pretty much behaving like the dream, except I have found my clothes, my bike (which is broken anyway) will not be going to Bethany, and hopefully we'll get these kids off to school so I can go to the Y.

I have dreams like this often. Do any of you? They are very discouraging because the mornings around here can be daunting and when I've lived through one before I even get up it makes for a long day.


DynamicDuo said...

woke up this morning with Matt telling me that the girls are gone, front door wide open.....
can't find them
call the neighbors
no one has seen them, it went on and on

then when I really woke up the first thing my daughter asked? So Mom how'd you sleep last night?

Claudia said...

Wow, you need to stop having breakfast with me -- apparently my psychosis is contagious!

DynamicDuo said...

trouble is Claudia, they ask me that question EVERY morning since last summer after we busted them for sneaking out at night and taking the car for a joy ride...

As you may or may not have noticed the dark circles under my eyes I can attest that it comes from being on guard all night long.

As for breakfast.. it was so good for me to reroot with people whom I don't have to pretend for, altho' breakfast wise I think we may have to switch to a different location ;0)
Hmmmm my word verification is ricke, alittle fraudian perhaps?