Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blogging Crabby

I am really feeling quite crabby last night. reasons why:

1) I have several kids who are having a hard time getting up this morning. Because they make stupid sleeping choices when they go to a friend's house and then they can't get up. Or because they sneak off and nap during the day when I'm getting stuff done so they aren't tired at night. By the time kids are 16 they should be working. Just sayin.

2) Physically i don't feel well. Even after going to the Y at 5 a.m... and that is unusual.

3) I started a project yesterday in my office and got half done and now it's a horrible mess. Things are everywhere and I don't have time to finish the project. Annoying to myself.

4) I have an endless day scheduled and one of our unbloggable situations has us full of anxiety this week and when I'm feeling anxious I like to be near Bart, not out of town where I can't talk to him.

5) Some days I'm just crabby. Today is one of them.

But one of the nice things about being me is that my crabby moods don't last that long..

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