Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday was a long day....

Up at 6, out of the house by 6:30, arrived to teach at 8:30. Taught 9-4. Immediately came home. Got home at 6:15. Peed. Left at 6:20 to the staff Holiday Party that Bart and I host for the church. Got home at 9. Went to bed very tired.

Yesterday was a good day, focusing on Daniel Hughes and his Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, which is Attachment Focused Treatment for Childhood Trauma and Abuse. I can see how his therapy is effective, though it is confrontational and is hard work. His practice involves him as a therapist incorporating PLAYFULNESS * LOVE * ACCEPTANCE * CURIOSITY * EMPATHY. And he then asks parents to practice the same thing.

We watched three of his sessions and it is obvious that at least during the sessions progress was made -- even in one segment where he made some progress with an 11 year old girl who did not say one word for the first 45 minutes of the hour session.

Sometimes I wonder if things would have turned out differently for a couple of our kids if we would have had therapy like this back when they were kids. It kind of makes me sad that we didn't. :-(

Has anyone else had experience with a therapist who uses DDP?

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