Thursday, January 05, 2012

Days Start Well This Way

I really love going to the Y at five. I know this sounds nuts to a lot of people, but it really helps my day start well. I work out and shower there and am home with some time to blog before I wake the kids up.

But i have realized the past few months, that it isn't very sustainable for me to go every day when I have health issues. So I am changing up my routine a little bit and Kari is willing to do so as well (actually I'm sure she's pretty happy I've finally realize there is another time of day one can go to the Y).

So on days that I have morning meetings I go at 5. On days that I don't, I go at 8. It seems this makes it a little more reasonable over the long hall. Yesterday I had one of the most productive days I have had in months and it started with me at the Y by 8 and home by 9:30. I sat and worked until 5:30 without standing up except to go to the bathroom and then had a home visit after supper. I was really pleased with how much I got done and if I can keep going today I may just get to a point where I feel sort of caught up with work. That would be a relief because there are some things I wanted to do around here to surprise Bart when he gets home on Monday.

My daughters both had a really good night last night (in my opinion of good). Salinda and Gabby and I spent some time together that was really good -- just talking and hanging out. She is talking about going to college here and has decided for sure not to go to school up near her boyfriends parents. That whole scene is not a good one but she needs to come to her own decisions or they won't stick. Salinda did dishes without complaining. Sadie was home for the second night in a row doing HOMEWORK.

I'm feeling much better now that I'm trying to eat better and have been going back to the Y. It's amazing how just a couple weeks can make such a difference. If you want to join the weight loss journey and share progress, that can be done on my Shrinking Slob blog.

There are still unbloggable things going on -- but none of them, in case you are worried, are catastrophic.

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