Friday, January 13, 2017

Ever do anything stupid?

I am trying to think of which example to use of something stupid that I have done and there are so many to choose from.  There was the time that I was working as a counselor at youth camp and somehow got my underwear stuck in the back of my swimsuit and jumped into the pool.  To my horror and to the amusement of everyone in the pool, my underwear floated up to the top of the water.     In fact a few of my Facebook friends were actually there that day but I sincerely hope that you have forgotten this event.

There are many other options of stories like that and unfortunately my stupidity has been much more serious.  Decisions that were wrong, mistakes I made, and choices that influenced others negatively have sometimes haunted me.

When we look at the life of Joseph in Scripture we often remember him as the guy that God took care of regardless of all the horrible things that happened to him.   But as I was listening to the story again yesterday, I was struck by the fact that Joseph was a special kind of stupid.

Think about it:   He is his dad’s favorite and he knows it.   His brothers resent him.  A lot.  He has dreams about them bowing down to him so what does he do?  He tells his ten older resentful brothers about the dream which he had to of known would have incensed them.

Like a said, a special kind of stupid.

What I love about this though, is that God even used Joseph’s stupidity to save his whole family.   He used his crushing mistake and worked it out for good for Joseph.  I can’t even explain how comforting that is to me.  Even when I don't make the wisest choices, God can take our blunders and turn them into blessings.

So if you have done something stupid lately that still haunts you, remember how God turned Joseph's stupid choice into a miracle and realize that God is way bigger than anything we can do and it is impossible to mess up His plan if we are committed to being followers of Jesus.

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