Saturday, January 21, 2017

What are you going to name your stone?

If you have been reading my blog at all this month, you know that Bullet Journaling has taken over my life.  BUT the interesting thing is that I have gotten more done this month so far than any other month I can think of.  I know, it's odd, because you would think that if all of the time I had spent on making pages and thinking about making pages and buying stuff, and tracking everything that I would have no time left for anything else.  Except that when I track stuff, I do stuff.

So I track my blood sugars now and my medication and insulin, and guess what?  The numbers are lower than they have been in years.   I track my steps and I'm walking more than ever.  I'm tracking how much I blog and putting ideas down in advance, and I'm blogging more than I have in five years.   You get the picture.

I'm also tracking my Bible reading, and I'm through Genesis and almost to the end of Exodus.   A couple weeks ago, I blogged about piles of stones.   In the old testament, people would often gather rocks to build a monument.  One of the most famous was called Ebenezer and was built by Samuel.
In every instance several things happened:

1)  God did something awesome.
2)  The person or group of people gathered stones to make a monument.
3)  The person or group of people named that stone in Hebrew.
4)  The Bible translated it for us.

I started picturing my life with piles of rocks everywhere, and then I got this idea.  I would make a bujo page with rocks that I could color in.

So I made this very simple page which you can feel free to download and use, although most people who are have a bullet journal are much more creative and could make their own that would look much better.  If you want a pdf feel free to email me at maeflye at mac dot com.

The way I am using it is to write down the name in Hebrew (well, Hebrew written phonetically in  English (I'm married to a pastor so he can figure that out for me, but I am sure there are ways online to do that.   And then I put what it is translated as, and then in the little rocks the people who were there and what God did.

So, for example, my first one is Quodesh Adamah which means holy ground.   The Hebrew is in one rock, the English translation in another, and then all the people who were there and where we were physically located when it happened.

I have an idea about my next couple but I'm still thinking of their names.   I can think of three significant moments from January already.

Ok, I know this was wordy and I over explained.  But I do that sometimes.

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