Monday, December 13, 2010

Crazy Day

Today we had a 2 hour late start and only one vehicle and I had to go to the doctor and by the time i had sat down to the compute rit was 11 and tjhen I had to give a ride... and you can tel how this is all going.

Good thing I am down to one job right now -- Don't have time for two!

This last weekend was longest two days of my life and today isn't going so well either.

Maybe I'll get out of this slump and stop whining. I doubt you show up on my blog just to read more pathetic complaints!


GB's Mom said...

Everybody hits patches like that. This, too, will pass.

Lee said...

Yup, we all have days like that. I am just glad that for now you guys are hogging all the snow!

Marge said...

No I don't visit your blog to read your pathetic complaints. I visit to see pictures if your newest grandchild! He's beautiful!

Kari said...

You need a good dose of ME. ♥

Travis Kerr said...

I was reading your everything adoption blog lately and left you a comment a while ago but got no response so I followed your profile here. just wanted to say thanks for writing the blog. We had been so hopeful about adopting, but your blog really showed us that it's probably not the greatest of ideas for us so we are saving a lot of time and money... and not wasting other people's time as well. this may sound sarcastic, but really it's not. I don't think I could handle just sending in an email and forgetting about the child. I don't think I could be totally indifferent to a child until they were officially adopted. We aren't a wealthy family and I guess would put us out of the loop for getting a child. Since they claim in commercials and on websites to need families for these kids so bad, it never occurred to me that we could be refused over 100 times for a child and possibly not get one at all... seems like maybe they are over stating the need if they can afford to refuse people that often. I also never figured that they would put children up for adoption as active that the foster family is just going to adopt anyway. I'm glad we found out about this like I said! Our first class was tomorrow night and they never told us any of this, they made it sound like a wonderful thing, not like the absolute nightmare that you shined a light on. THANKS!

Claudia said...

Travis -- I am very sorry to have not gotten back to your original comment in a timely manner. It's been a very strange few days here.

I in no way intended to discourage anyone from adopting by what I wrote. Obviously I am completely committed to doing this or I wouldn't have done it.

Please don't get tripped up by a few sentences -- email me privately please. maeflye at